Type Books is the 2014 Magazines Canada Retailer of the Year

>>From Magazines Canada

JUNE 02, 2015 – Ontario’s Type Books has been named Magazines Canada’s Retailer of the Year for 2014.

A neighbourhood bookstore on bustling Queen Street West in Toronto, Type opened in April 2006 at a time when few other bookstores were starting up. The store has been devoted to magazines from a wide array of distributors and publishers, and has been committed to Canadian magazines from the beginning.

This past year, their famous window designer Kalpna Patel helped Chickadee magazine celebrate its 35th anniversary. Their staff, as is customary with Toronto indie bookstores, is made up of artsy types: from writers (Derek McCormack, Kyle Buckley, James Lindsay) to small record label owners (the busy Lindsay ran Pleasence Records) to magazine publishers (Serah-Marie McMahon of Worn), among others.

Their extensive art book collection makes Type a natural fit for bestsellers Border Crossings andCanadian Art. Indeed, the Winnipeg publisher of Border Crossings Meeka Walsh tells us, “Whenever I’m in Toronto, I make sure to visit Type!”

In 2014, in addition to giving Chickadee the front window treatment, the store also helped with in-store promotions for Canadian Art and generously provided the setting for Magazines Canada’s short film, Anything Can Happen at a Magazine Stand. Three Magazines Canada staffers, two actors and a crew of a dozen took over the store after closing to film the video against the backdrop of Type’s magazine rack. The romance and warmth of the store was the perfect setting for the video’s magazine love story.

The Magazines Canada Retailer of the Year Award recognizes the vital role retailers play in the Canadian magazine landscape, and is awarded annually to an outstanding client of Magazines Canada’s distribution service who cultivates this connection between consumers and their Canadian magazines. Congratulations to Type!

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