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The Writers’ Union of Canada

The Writers' Union of Canada Contact Information
The Writers’ Union of Canada
90 Richmond Street East, Suite 200
Toronto ON M5C 1P1
Phone: 416-703-8982
Fax: 416-504-9090
E-mail: info@writersunion.ca
Website: www.writersunion.ca

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The Writers’ Union of Canada is a not-for-profit organization established in 1973 to support and advocate on behalf of professional writers of books in Canada. The Union has nearly 1,600 members. Writers join the Union so that they can benefit from the Union’s many services, connect with their peers and support the Union’s advocacy.

Among the services offered by the Writers’ Union are contract advice and grievance assistance, a web a page for each Union member that highlights their accomplishments and publications, access to reading programs such as the National Public Reading Program and the Ontario Writers-in-the-Schools program where members can promote themselves and their work and a group health benefits program.

Members can connect with each other through a series of professional development workshops, an active listserv where members communicate and organize regional meetings and socials

The Union advocates on issues including reforming income tax laws to ensure fairness for writers, ensuring the Status of the Artist legislation is introduced in Ontario, ensuring new copyright legislation reflects the views and needs of creators, implementing programs to increase writers’ incomes and defending the freedom to write and publish.