Periodical Marketers of Canada

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Periodical Marketers of Canada
124 Sinnott Rd.
Toronto, ON   M4W 3R8
Ray Argyle, Executive Director

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Periodical Marketers of Canada (PMC) is the national association of magazine and book wholesalers serving 16,000 retail newsstands. PMC was established under federal charter in 1942 for the purpose of furthering the wholesale periodical distribution industry and contributing to the encouragement of reading in Canada.

Retail value of periodicals and books distributed by PMC members exceeded $500 million in 2013.

Major Programs

PMC’s ongoing activities include:

Funding of a nonprofit charitable foundation, the Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Letters (FACL), which makes contributions to individuals and agencies engaged in the encouragement of literacy and reading in Canada.

PMC Aboriginal Literature Award, $5,000 annual prize for original fiction or non-fiction book by an aboriginal author, or illustrated by an aboriginal artist.

In cooperation with publishers and retailers, PMC develops marketing programs to promote the sale of Canadian newsstand magazines. PMC developed and coordinated a continuing information program on the profitability of single copy magazine sales. The campaign, Magazines at Retail Canada (MARC) can be viewed at