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Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario

Contact Information
Ontario Book Publishers Organization
1 Ruttan St. Suite 101
Toronto, Ontario M6P 0A1
Fax: 416-536-7692
Website: www.obpo.ca

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The Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO) was incorporated in 1990 and has a current membership of 43 Ontario-based Canadian-owned book publishers.

The objectives of the OBPO are:

  • to encourage the writing, publishing, distribution and promotion of books written by Canadian authors;
  • to represent the interests of Ontario-based publishers in relations with public and private institutions in Canada and abroad;
  • to facilitate the exchange of information amongst its members;
  • to further professional training for individuals engaged in all aspects of publishing activity;
  • to co-operate closely with individuals, organizations and governments in pursuit of the objectives of the organization; and
  • to work for the development and maintenance of strong and competitive publishing houses owned and controlled both in Ontario and in the rest of Canada.

Major Programs

The OBPO’s chief activities are:

  • representing the needs, interests, concerns and issues of Ontario book publishers to government and arts organizations;
  • facilitating information sharing and educational opportunities to our membership about the provincial, national and international book publishing industries;
  • facilitating group marketing projects (both domestic and international) at a reduced cost to our members;
  • organizing and managing Open Book: Toronto since 2007.

Important Dates

February 7, 2017: AGM