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Canadian Independent Booksellers Association

Contact Information
Canadian Independent Booksellers Association
E-mail: info@cibabooks.ca
Website: www.cibabooks.ca

Founded in 2020, the Canadian Independent Booksellers’ Association (CIBA) offers programs and services to Canadian independent booksellers and advocates to support the strengthening of the independent bookselling sector.

Independent booksellers are an invaluable part of Canadian culture and our literary ecosystem. In cities and towns across Canada, independent bookstores are intrinsic to the fabric of their communities, convenors of important conversations, and contributors to vibrant local economies. 

CIBA’s strategic priorities include: 

  • MEMBER SERVICES: Provide programs and services and build relationships that improve the indie bookseller business environment by helping members engage and expand their customer base, increase sales and business viability, and reduce member costs. 
  • LEARNING AND NETWORKING: Offer members relevant, timely, and targeted professional development, business development, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities that improve business results and staff development and retention.
  • ADVOCACY: Create a collective voice for independent booksellers in Canada, and represent member interests within the bookseller community, and with publishers, governments, and other industry groups.