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Canadian Authors Association

Canadian Authors Assocation Contact Information
Canadian Authors Association
74 Mississauga Street East
Orillia, ON L3V 1V5
866-216-6222 (toll-free)
705-653-0593 (fax)
Website: www.canadianauthors.org

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About the Canadian Authors Association

The Canadian Authors Association (CAA) was founded in 1921 by Stephen Leacock and a group of prominent authors with a goal of lobbying for the protection of authors’ rights. The tireless efforts of its members resulted in a number of historical achievements, including:

  • drafting the first standard book contract to protect authors’ rights in negotiations with publishers
  • initiating a campaign to bring to Canadian authors a public lending right program (other Canadian writing groups joined the effort and the program was finally created in 1986)
  • successfully lobbying to have Canada join the Universal Copyright Convention
  • helping create The Canadian Writers’ Foundation, which continues to provide financial assistance to indigent authors and their families
  • establishing the Governor-General literary awards in 1936 and maintaining them until 1959
  • establishing the CAA Literary Awards (1975) in the firm belief that “literary excellence and popular appeal are entirely compatible”

CAA has continued to proudly carry out its motto of “Writers Helping Writers” by providing advice, information, support and professional development opportunities to both emerging and established writers, with the assistance of more than ten branches across Canada.

Major Programs

Professional Development

  • CanWrite! Annual writers’ conference: up to three days of seminars, workshops and networking as well as advice and feedback from editors and publishers (www.canauthors.org/conference.html)
  • Online workshops, discussion forums and a Virtual Branch, providing members opportunities to interact with fellow writers across the country
  • Workshops, meetings, retreats and readings open to non-members as well as members through local branch programming
  • Mentorship and writer-in-residence programs offered at a variety of association branches

CAA Literary Awards

  • Honouring writers who have achieved literary excellence, without sacrificing popular appeal, in their chosen genres, including fiction, drama, poetry and Canadian history (www.canauthors.org/awards)


  • The Canadian Writers’ Guide – the association’s definitive handbook for Canadian writers, now in its 13th edition
  • National Newsline – a quarterly publication available online and in print, plus branch newsletters

Advice and Support

  • The Contract Assistance Committee advises writers on issues related to rights, obligations, copyright and professional practices