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Association of Canadian Publishers

Association of Canadian Publishers Contact Information
Association of Canadian Publishers
401 Richmond St W, Studio 257A
Toronto, ON M5V 3A8
416-487-8815 (fax)
E-mail: admin@canbook.org
Website: www.publishers.ca

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The Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) is the national voice of English-language Canadian-owned book publishers. Founded in 1976 as a successor to the Independent Publishers’ Association, which formed in 1971, today the ACP represents 115 Canadian-owned and -controlled book publishers from across the country and from all publishing genres. ACP contributes to the development and maintenance of vibrant, competitive book publishing companies, professionally managed, and owned and controlled in Canada, in order to support and strengthen the contribution that Canadian books make to Canada’s cultural, economic, and educational landscape.

To accomplish this goal, the ACP focuses its resources on four distinct areas: Government and Public Relations, including advocacy for Canadian books and writing to elected officials and the general public; Collaborative Marketing initiatives, which extend the competitive capacity of Canadian publishers; Research and Communications, including information-sharing across the book industry and the broader cultural sector; and Professional Development activities that foster the evolution of a more dynamic cultural industry.

Major Programs

eBOUND Canada: The digital arm of the ACP, eBOUND Canada (www.eboundcanada.org) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing Canadian publishers’ engagement in the digital marketplace regardless of their size or level of expertise. Its growing number of programs includes ebook distribution, digital asset management, conversion services, research, and professional development.

49th Shelf: 49th Shelf is a website devoted exclusively to Canadian books. With more than 75,000 titles listed on the site – all of them Canadian authored – 49th Shelf (www.49thShelf.com) makes it easier for readers to discover Canadian books in all genres, from bestselling authors to new talent, from all regions of the country. Special services for librarians and educators are available, including a weekly “Read Canadian” e-newsletter featuring the latest Canadian selections.

Top Grade: CanLit for the Classroom: Top Grade (www.publishers.ca/topgrade) is a sampling and promotion program intended to market new and forthcoming Canadian books to school library decision makers across Canada. Sample copies, catalogues, and promotional materials are distributed to librarians twice per year, as a way to showcase Canadian-authored books that are suitable for use in Canadian elementary and high schools.

Membership Directory: A directory of the ACP’s membership is available at www.publishers.ca. The directory is searchable by genre and province, and provides the industry and general public with a comprehensive listing of member publishers.

Mentorship Program: The ACP mentorship program matches industry specialists with members from across the country for a one-day focused session on a topic of their choice. This program offers publishers of all sizes an opportunity to directly learn from each other.

Professional Development Seminars: The ACP holds several professional development seminars each year. Run by industry experts, these seminars are designed to update members on the latest trends and information, and to provide effective strategies for addressing change in the industry.

International Book Fairs: As a part of promoting ACP publishers internationally, the ACP secretariat attends the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs with Livres Canada Books at its Canada Stand. The ACP also hosts networking events for its members and their international counterparts at Frankfurt and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Important Dates

February 2-3, 2017: Mid-Winter Meeting, Toronto

June 5-7, 2017: AGM