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Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (Books BC)

Contact Information
Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (Books BC)
Suite #600 – 402 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6
604-684-5788 (fax)
E-mail: admin@books.bc.ca
Website: www.books.bc.ca

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The Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (Books BC), a provincial association comprising BC-owned book publishing companies, is the largest regional affiliate of the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP). The Association works to support the long-term health and success of the Canadian-owned book publishing industry in British Columbia, to foster an environment in which our members will flourish and to expand an awareness of the value of books in people’s lives.

In 1974, five book publishing companies founded the Association of Book Publishers of BC. Today, Books BC represents over thirty members engaged in every type of book publishing including educational, scholarly, children’s, self-help, Indigenous, literary and other trade publishing genres.

Books BC believes that a healthy BC owned and controlled book publishing industry is essential to the educational, social, cultural and economic life of the province.

As an industry organization, Books BC’s objectives are to encourage a healthy book publishing industry through liaison with government and industry-related organizations, professional development and cooperative business efforts.

Major Programs

BC Bestseller List
A list of bestselling BC books that is distributed to media outlets, bookstores and sales representatives and is posted weekly on the Books BC website.

BC Ferry Promotions
Five posters are produced annually for the BC Ferry Giftshops to help promote BC books on the BC ferries.

Poetry in Transit
In partnership with Translink, Books BC produces sixteen poetry cards each year that are displayed on the transit systems throughout BC.

BC Books for BC Schools and Indigenous Books
These catalogues, designed for teachers, educators, and librarians in the K–12 school system, have been selected from publisher submissions by teacher-evaluators, and reviewed for relevance to K–12 curricula, appropriateness of reading level, and suitability of content for the K–12 classrooms. Indigenous books are also evaluated for Indigenous Voice. Find out more about our unique evaluation and annotation process here

The Gray Campbell Distinguished Service Award
This annual award is presented to an individual in the book community who has made a significant contribution to the BC publishing industry.

The Jim Douglas Publisher of the Year Award
This annual award is presented to an active BC publisher that has earned the respect and applause of the community.

Important Dates

April or May of each year: BC Book Day