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Group Benefits Plan

The BPC runs an optional group Health Benefits Plan for the employees of its members. Having a benefits plan helps organizations recruit and retain staff and provides coverage and protection for employees.

The BPC provides comprehensive benefits from Canada Life and RBC Insurance. Through the plan, employees can make claims for health, dental, and vision costs for themselves, their spouses, and their dependents. The RBC Insurance plan insures employees for long-term disability as well as death and dismemberment.

The plan is renewed annually, at which time costs of the plan are reviewed by Gallagher and periodically put out to the market to ensure best coverage and cost. The plan is fully administered by the Book and Periodical Council. For this invaluable service add-on, a small monthly administrative fee is charged to cover bookkeeping costs.

Full details of the coverage and benefits of the plan are available from the BPC to members and prospective members. Organizations must be a member of the BPC to participate in the plan. For more information, email info@thebpc.ca.