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Fraser Direct Distribution Services

Contact Information
Fraser Direct Distribution Services Ltd.
(and Jaguar Book Group Division)
100 Armstrong Avenue
Georgetown, ON L7G 5S4
Fax: 905-877-4410
E-mail: lfraser@fraserdirect.ca
Website: www.fraserdirect.ca

Fraser Direct is located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We annually move 2,600 international truck and container shipments, process 400,000 small parcel orders and deposit more than 90 million mailing pieces with Canada Post. We currently hold Power of Attorney to represent more than 130 Importers and we account for over 4,500 shipments at Customs annually. This number includes more than 500 Ocean Freight containers.

We provide real-time, 24/7 Web-based visibility and reporting, and EDI Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) generation to comply with major retailer requirements. We offer paperless picking in a radio frequency environment. All product movement is scanned for picking accuracy and to provide a master audit trail.

Our Warehouse Management System (Radio Beacon) is becoming one of the most widely used in the industry. It is also used by some of Canada’s largest retailers, e.g., Indigo Chapters.

Major Programs

Fraser Direct recently expanded to include 2 additional facilities. We are now comprised of 3 convenient locations, encompassing over 113,000 square feet of warehouse space. Our head office will remain at the Georgetown location. Our other 2 facilities are slated for warehouse space only with no offices.