The Canadian Publishers’ Council applauds Government budget commitments on Copyright

The Canadian Publishers’ Council (CPC) is pleased to see the Government of Canada commit to ensuring a stable educational publishing industry in its 2022 Budget, released April 7th. The CPC has joined with Canada’s major creative sector organizations to urge the government to implement the legislative changes recommended in the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage’s 2019 Shifting Paradigms report, and the budget statement is an encouraging sign that legislative reform is coming.

“We have been waiting for years for the government to clarify the intent of its Fair Dealing for Education provision (introduced in the Copyright Modernization Act of 2012). The significant market disruption, and dramatic decline in creators’ compensation, have been highly damaging outcomes of poorly worded legislation, and this budgetary statement signals that, at long last, the confusion and market disfunction will be addressed,” said CPC President David Swail. “We are encouraged by this commitment to Canada’s creative sector, and we applaud the government for its intent to address these concerns. We also support its parallel commitment to extend the general term of copyright protection, per the terms of CUSMA,” he added.

For more information contact: David Swail, President Canadian Publishers’ Council

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