Ontario Library Association announces the 2013 Winner of the Golden Oak™ Award

The Ontario Library Association is thrilled to announce Joy Fielding is the winner of the 2013 Forest of Reading® Golden Oak™ Award for her book Home Invasion (Grass Roots Press).

“It’s always lovely to get an award for something you love to do, and I am particularly honoured to receive this award because Home Invasion was written specifically for adults who struggle with literacy, and to be acknowledged by them in this way is tremendously gratifying,” Joy Fielding said.

In Home Invasion, Kathy Brown suddenly wakes up. Was that a noise in the house, or part of her dream? In her dream, Kathy was about to kiss Michael, her high school boyfriend. Her husband, Jack, lies beside her, snoring. Michael is exciting. Jack is boring. When Kathy hears the noise again, she gets up. Then she hears whispers. Then she feels a gun at her head. Two men are in the house. Kathy and her husband face a living nightmare. Kathy must also face her real feelings about her husband. The outcome surprises everyone, most of all Kathy herself.

This year’s Golden Oak ceremony was held at North York Memorial Hall as part of the 2013 Learners’ Conference led by the Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy in partnership with the Toronto Public Library. On June 6th, almost 300 Adult learners participated in two literacy workshops and then had a luncheon during the Golden Oak ceremony.

Each nominated book was presented by adult literacy program participants from across Toronto. Four authors were on hand to speak to the crowd and share their experiences. Eric Walters (The Matatu), Joy Fielding (Home Invasion), Deborah Ellis (No Ordinary Day) and Monica Kulling (In the Bag! Margaret Knight Wraps It Up) were part of the ceremony and signed autographs.

About the Forest of Reading program

The Forest of Reading is Canada’s largest recreational reading program of its kind! The Ontario Library Association (OLA) offers seven reading programs to encourage a love of reading in people of all ages. The nominated titles are selected by committees of library practitioners and readers vote for the winners.

The Golden Oak™ Award reading program provides a unique opportunity for new readers in adult literacy programs to read books chosen specifically for them. They can read the books alone, with their tutors, or as part of a reading group. This program helps new adult readers to gain the skills to accomplish everyday tasks, as well as foster the love of reading.

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