New Offerings for Canadian Colleges & Universities from Access Copyright

>>From Access Copyright

Access Copyright announces new offerings and related services for Canadian Colleges & Universities, available beginning July 1, 2015—part of a renewed commitment to serving the content and copyright management needs of educators.

Details of new offerings for Canadian colleges & universities.

This announcement marks the first phase of new, market-focused services from Access Copyright. The offerings were developed with input from Access Copyright’s post-secondary education customers and are designed to provide greater convenience, value and choice along with appropriate rewards for the creators and publishers whose works are valued and used everyday.

Access Copyright’s repertoire includes most of the titles published in Canada and 28 other countries. The new offerings deliver convenient, pre-cleared permission to copy up to 20% of a covered publication—a faster, more convenient and cost-effective one-stop solution for managing copyright permissions.

“We recognize the advances many institutions have made on content dissemination and the centralized management of copyright,” said Roanie Levy, Executive Director of Access Copyright. “We’ve been across the country speaking to academic librarians and copyright administrators about their needs. Our message to them today is simple: Thank you. We hear you. We are changing.”

Available July 1, 2015

See more about the new offerings from Access Copyright on their website.

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