Finalists Announced for 2013 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Awards

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC) is pleased to announce the finalists for its seven major children’s book awards:

  • TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award  ($30,000)
  • Prix TD de littérature canadienne pour l’enfance et la jeunesse  ($30,000)
  • Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award  ($20,000)
  • Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction  ($10,000)
  • Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People  ($5,000)
  • John Spray Mystery Award  ($5,000)
  • Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy  ($5,000) 

The winners will be announced at the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Awards and Prix TD de littérature canadienne pour l’enfance et la jeunesse – two invitation-only gala events in Toronto on October 22 and Montreal on October 29. Overall, $130,000 in prize monies will be awarded.

The nominated books exemplify some of the best work by Canadian authors and illustrators. The Canadian Children’s Book Centre is proud to share these titles and the juries’ notes with you.

For the first time ever, TD is partnering with CBC Books to present the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Fan Choice Award. Young readers will be asked to pick their favourite book from the shortlisted TD Award titles in an online poll starting on Monday, September 9. The book with the most votes will win, and one lucky entrant will win a trip to Toronto to present the award at the gala ceremony on October 22. The event will be hosted by Shelagh Rogers, host of The Next Chapter on CBC Radio One.

Look for all the details regarding the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Fan Choice Award and enter the contest starting Monday, September 9 at CBC Books (

TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award ($30,000)
Sponsored by TD Bank Group

Kids of Kabul: Living Bravely Through a Never-Ending War

Written by Deborah Ellis (Simcoe, ON)

Groundwood Books

for ages 11 and up

“This eye-opening book provides a rare glimpse into a world vastly different from the one that Canadian kids experience… In choosing the interview format, Ellis provides her young narrators with a voice…The power of this book comes from the hard-earned wisdom of children who have lived through the horrors of the war in Afghanistan.  By honouring this book we honour the right of children everywhere to have a voice in their lives and their futures.”

One Year in Coal Harbour

Written by Polly Horvath (Victoria, BC)

Groundwood Books

for ages 9-13

“Horvath returns with a valuable contribution to the Canadian canon of children’s literature… Primrose Squarp remains as irresistible as ever, telling her own and her town’s stories from her quirkily precocious philosophical perspective… Horvath paints a portrait of the quintessential rural Canadian town where the place and people have a timeless quality… There is an honesty to the writing which doesn’t shy away from difficult issues, but navigates them with a gentle optimism.”

The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen

Written by Susin Nielsen (Vancouver, BC)

Tundra Books

for ages 11 and up

“The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen provides an impressively nuanced portrayal of family dynamics in the aftermath of an unpredictable and nearly unspeakable tragedy… This powerful novel is infused with humour, while not turning away from the hard reality of grief… With this book, Nielsen secures her place as one of Canada’s most powerful writers for young people, and she delivers what they need most: an appropriate, satisfying, realistic measure of hope.”

The Stamp Collector

Written by Jennifer Lanthier (Toronto, ON)

Illustrated by François Thisdale (Carignan, QC)

Fitzhenry & Whiteside

for ages 8 and up

“Hauntingly beautiful, The Stamp Collector is a powerful, yet simply told, story about the importance of freedom of expression and how words can inspire change… The Stamp Collector reminds us of one of life’s most powerful truths: a seemingly small action can make a significant impact—perhaps the most important message of all to share with our children… An evocative story that readers will remember long after they have put the book down.”

Virginia Wolf

Written by Kyo Maclear (Toronto, ON)

Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault (Montreal, QC)

Kids Can Press

for ages 5-10

“Beautifully told, this visually stunning picture book, tackles the complex issue of a family member dealing with depression… Powerfully demonstrates the value of collaboration and creativity… Illustrations are exquisite… The images in the book move from darkness to a bright garden of colour as Vanessa helps to lift her sister’s mood… The hand-lettered text and the captivating mixed media illustrations suit the story’s theme and mood perfectly.”

 JURY MEMBERS: Shannon Babcock, Project Coordinator, Quebec Reading Connection,  Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport and Quebec Chair, Best Books for Kids & Teens; Gail Hamilton, Manitoba Chair, Best Books for Kids & Teens and former CCBC Regional Officer, teacher-librarian and Library Learning Resources Consultant, Manitoba Department of Education; Maria Martella, owner of Tinlids Inc., a wholesaler of children’s and teen books for schools and libraries; Carol McDougall, writer, Director of Read to Me! Nova Scotia Early Literacy Program, former CCBC librarian and Regional Officer; Michelle Superle, English instructor, University of the Fraser Valley and author of Contemporary, English-language Indian Children’s Literature and Black Dog, Dream Dog.

Prix TD de littérature canadienne pour l’enfance et la jeunesse ($30,000)

Sponsored by TD Bank Group

À la recherche du bout du monde

Written by Michel Noël (Quebec City, QC)

Éditions Hurtubise HMH

for ages 11 and up
“Storyteller par excellence, Noёl is at the height of his art in delivering this tale that will seduce the reader… In a fragile and hostile world, Wapush, a young, disabled Aboriginal boy, goes on a search for the end of the world. This quest for his identity will require of this young man an exceptional capacity for adaptation in order to conquer the obstacles that will be put in his way… A poetic tale of an inspiring voyage which reveals a peoples’ culture, the link between nature and man, and the transition of a person marked by life who becomes a great man.”

La clé à molette

Written and illustrated by Élise Gravel (Montreal, QC)

Éditions La courte échelle

for ages 7 and up

“When his tricycle wheel falls off, Bob, the rabbit, cannot find his wrench. This anecdotal incident leads the reader in a series of zany situations. Bob is lured by the suggestions made by Mr. Mart, the shopkeeper… Gravel has created a book full of inventiveness; her retro-style and charming illustrations give a humorous portrait of our society overfilled with consumer goods… A terrific book!”

Jane, le renard & moi

Written by Fanny Britt (Montreal, QC)

Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault (Montreal, QC)

Éditions La Pastèque

for ages 11 and up

Jane, le renard & moi is the story of the suffering of Hélène, a young girl who is not comfortable with her own body image and at school she is treated unkindly… At the same time we also see the beauty of a mother-daughter relationship, the richness of friendship and the power of literature… It is an exceptional picture book that allows us to see the interior life of a so-called “reject”… Arsenault’s pencil and Britt’s pen go smoothly from bleak realism to exuberant imagination… The single mother comes from the world of Michel Tremblay, the character of Géraldine who offers Hélène her friendship and the red fox – all of this is magic… All of this touches us and is at the same time, subtle, imaginative, rich and daring. Hèlène literally speaks with Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and it is this dialogue that helps her to live.”

Mingan, mon village

Poems by Inuit schoolchildren

Illustrated by Rogé (Montreal, QC)

Éditions de la Bagnole

for ages 9 and up

“The illustrator, Rogé, went to the Aboriginal reserve of Mingan where he met with students from Teueikan School. To immortalize this meeting and especially to give voice to these First Nation children, he decided to create a book of poetry with them – a real dip into the heart of this usually-ignored culture… Fifteen short poems of dreams and hope, anchored in the values of respect for nature and for life; fifteen close-ups of these young writers drawn with emotion by Rogé… Open faces, sometimes sad, sometimes smiling, compel us to want to meet them… This poetic picture book, far from offering us poems connected to the difficult reality of life for these children, instead offers us poems of light, a bridge of words used as if they were many hands reaching out to us. And the young Kimberley confirms this with these words: ‘I will stop loving you when crows turn white.’”

Tu me prends en photo

Written by Marie-Francine Hébert (Montreal, QC)

Illustrated by Jean-Luc Trudel (Montreal, QC)

Éditions Les 400 coups

for ages 10 and up

“This picture book tackles with great sensitivity the theme of the suffering of children caught up in war… The powerful text, told from the point of view of a child, and based on repetition, creates a kind of chant, together with incisive words and punchy sentences that show the reader the dramatic effect that all wars produce, particularly for children… The illustrations, with great evocative power, blend pencil and watercolour in a mostly monochromatic palette which creates an intense atmosphere in keeping with the high drama of the lives of these children and of the war photographer who cannot help them.”

JURY MEMBERS : Michel Clément, Educational Consultant; Susane Duchesne, bookseller and President of IBBY Canada; Jean Fugère, journalist, columnist and presenter, Radio-Canada; Josiane Polidori, Head, Children’s Literature, Library and Archives Canada; Claude Simard, retired professor, Laval University’s Faculty of Science and Education.

Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award ($20,000)
Sponsored by A. Charles Baillie

Mr. King’s Things

Written and illustrated by Geneviève Côté (Montreal, QC)

Kids Can Press

for ages 3-7

“A shopaholic feline’s transformation from spendthrift to thrifty comes about in a most surprising manner… Côté conveys an environmental message about consumerism and recycling which can easily be understood by young children… Told in a simple, engaging and joyful manner… Côté’s spirited illustrations never fail to delight.”

Mr. Zinger’s Hat

Written by Cary Fagan (Toronto, ON)

Illustrated by Dušan Petričić (Toronto, ON)

Tundra Books

for ages 4-8

“A charming, marvelous tale surrounding the art of creating and telling stories, Mr. Zinger’s Hat celebrates the budding friendship between an elderly writer and a young boy who discovers a storyteller within… Fagan’s writing is beautifully crafted… Petričić’s engaging artwork deftly juxtaposes two distinct styles which portray a real-life setting and an imaginary world.”

The Stamp Collector

Written by Jennifer Lanthier (Toronto, ON)

Illustrated by François Thisdale (Carignan, QC)

Fitzhenry & Whiteside

for ages 8 and up

“A testimonial to the freedom of speech and the power of story… A profound book which will move and enlighten all who read it…  With great sensitivity, Lanthier has written a stirring account of a forbidden friendship between an imprisoned writer and his jail guard in a land where individual expression is forbidden… Sombre, powerful multimedia illustrations depict both the writer’s grim reality and the guard’s shining dreams, overlaid with postmarks from around the world… Thisdale’s illustrations are poignant and riveting in their beauty.”

Uncle Wally’s Old Brown Shoe

Written and illustrated by Wallace Edwards (Yarker, ON)

Orca Book Publishers

for ages 4-8

This humorous and cumulative text introduces readers to an eccentric cast of characters who live an extraordinary existence… Mixes fantasy and nonsense, tickling a child’s imagination and providing a wonderfully silly sense of completeness… Edwards transports readers into a most fantastical world through his stunning and vibrant illustrations…  An unexpected surprise waits on the final page.”

Virginia Wolf

Written by Kyo Maclear (Toronto, ON)

Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault (Montreal, QC)

Kids Can Press

for ages 5-10

“Through her love, concern and creative inspiration, a sister attempts to ease her sibling’s depression by coaxing her into an imaginary garden which she has illustrated… Maclear writes about the effects of melancholy in a subtle and sensitive manner… Arsenault’s illustrations mirror the troubled sister’s ever-changing state of mind, gradually moving from greys and blacks to an explosion of florid colour.  Her unique hand-lettered text adds greatly to the visual interest.”

JURY MEMBERS: Lorraine Filyer, former Literature Officer, Ontario Arts Council; Todd Kyle, CEO, Newmarket Public Library and President, Board of Directors, Canadian Children’s Book Centre; Senta Ross, children’s book reviewer and former elementary teacher and teacher-librarian.

Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction ($10,000)

Sponsored by the Fleck Family Foundation

Going Up! Elisha Otis’s Trip to the Top

(Great Idea)

Written by Monica Kulling (Toronto, ON)

Illustrated by David Parkins (Lansdowne, ON)

Tundra Books

for ages 6-10

The story of Elisha Otis, the inventor of the passenger elevator, is one of creativity, vision and ultimately, perseverance… Kulling’s exuberant account of this remarkable invention has all the lift of its subject and Parkins’s illustrations effectively blend realism with whimsy… It reads like a picture book but leaves us with a clear picture of the science behind the concept.”

Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story

Written by Martin Springett (Toronto, ON)

Photographs by Isobel Springett (Courtenay, BC)

Puffin Canada

for ages 5-8

“This book’s gentle narrative and heart-warming photographs document the unfolding of an unusual friendship between a family dog and a wild fawn… Springett recounts the tale sparely and effectively and his sister Isobel’s photographs are sheer magic… The story of Kate and Pippin will appeal to animal lovers of all ages and is, simply put, hard to resist… A great read-aloud book for young children.”

Kids of Kabul: Living Bravely Through a Never-Ending War

Written by Deborah Ellis (Simcoe, ON)

Groundwood Books

for ages 11 and up

“Ellis expertly weaves together the stories of the lives of young people in Afghanistan a decade after the fall of the Taliban… They live with danger and extreme poverty unimaginable to North American children, but the kids of Kabul tell their stories in such calm and hopeful voices that we read these deeply moving stories not with pity but with great respect.”

Real Justice: Fourteen and Sentenced to Death – The Story of Steven Truscott

(Real Justice)

Written by Bill Swan (Courtice, ON)

James Lorimer
for ages 13 and up

“The unbelievable journey of Steven Truscott has fascinated Canadians for more than fifty years…  Swan gives a gripping account of how young Truscott’s life spiraled into a nightmare of wrongful conviction and imprisonment and how it took him forty-seven years to clear his name… This fresh look at the circumstances and details of his wrongful conviction and ultimate acquittal will bring this important and compelling lesson in justice, rightfully, to a whole new generation of readers.”

Rescuing the Children: The Story of the Kindertransport

Written by Deborah Hodge (Vancouver, BC)

Tundra Books

for ages 10 and up

“Hodge presents an unforgettable account of how ten thousand Jewish children escaped from Nazi Germany before the war… The timelines, artifacts, survivor interviews and artwork blend harmoniously to create a brave tableau of both the children and adults involved in this astonishing historical enterprise… The individual stories enrich the larger story with an insider’s knowledge of the anguish of leaving home, perhaps forever. “

JURY MEMBERS: Hugh Brewster, editor, publisher and author of 15 books for children and adults, including At Vimy Ridge, winner of the 2008 Norma Fleck Award; Barbara Greenwood, award-winning author, teacher of creative writing and editor; Nancy Rawlinson, teacher, Toronto District School Board.

Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People ($5,000)

Sponsored by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Bilson Endowment Fund

A Call to Battle

(I Am Canada)

Written by Gillian Chan (Dundas, ON)

Scholastic Canada

for ages 10-14

“Engaging read… The strengths of this historical fiction book lie in its character development and exploration of important themes – reality of war, cowardice and growing up… Excellent book, compassionate and a real tear jerker… Well-researched and factual, this novel would be a welcome resource for classroom teachers.”

The Lynching of Louie Sam

Written by Elizabeth Stewart (Vancouver, BC)

Annick Press

for ages 12 and up

The Lynching of Louie Sam tells the tale of a terrible injustice committed in 1884… This is a poignant and powerful story that brings to light the prejudices of the time and provides a true-to-life depiction of small town life in the late 1800s… Explores important themes regarding prejudice, injustice and mob behaviour… Strong plot, strong characters.”

Making Bombs for Hitler

Written by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch (Brantford, ON)

Scholastic Canada

for ages  9-14

A heartbreaking story that reveals incidents in WWII history that have not been commonly examined in school texts or historical fiction for children… This book highlights the lesser-known plight of the Ukrainians who, even after being liberated, found themselves unable to return home because the Soviets deemed them traitors for having worked for the Germans… The story is gripping and the themes powerful… An important piece of historical fiction.”

Violins of Autumn

Written by Amy McAuley (London, ON)

Walker Publishing Company, Inc.

for ages 12 and up

“A thrilling and action-packed spy/coming-of-age story set during the Second World War…  It is an intense and gripping tale that chronicles not only the efforts of those who were valiantly working to undermine the efforts of the Nazi invaders, but also portrays the bravery of ordinary men and women who worked in myriad small ways to support the Resistance as they sought to hasten their liberation.”

Yesterday’s Dead

Written by Pat Bourke (Toronto, ON)

Second Story Press

for ages 10-14

“A gripping account of the Spanish Influenza pandemic and how it swept through Toronto in 1918, leaving a swathe of death and loss in its wake… This book captures a sense of the chaos and panic that this episode in history created, and realistically recreates the conditions of daily life for both Meredith and Maggie… Meredith is a very likable character and believable as a young girl with a sense of duty.”

JURY MEMBERS: Janet Clarke, teacher-librarian, Vanier Catholic Secondary School; Lisa Doucet, Co-Manager, Woozles Children’s Bookstore; Jo-Anne Naslund, Instructional Programs Librarian, Education Library, University of British Columbia; Gail de Vos (chair), storyteller and Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta.

John Spray Mystery Award ($5,000)

Sponsored by John Spray

Becoming Holmes

(The Boy Sherlock Holmes)
Written by Shane Peacock (Baltimore, ON)
Tundra Books
for ages 11-14

Becoming Holmes pulls off a remarkable feat: being at once an exceptionally satisfying conclusion to the Boy Sherlock Holmes books and a gripping entry point for a first-time reader of the series… With vivid writing, complex characters and dark plotting, Peacock proves himself to be a master of the genre.”


Written by Michael Betcherman (Toronto, ON)

Razorbill / Penguin Group

for ages 13 and up

“Breakaway skates from mystery to sports story to contemporary drama with flawless precision and ease… Betcherman takes the reader on an emotional journey with Nick Macklin, a 16-year-old seeking justice for his ex-hockey star father, currently serving time for a murder he claims he didn’t commit… It’s a rewarding book, both intelligent and entertaining.”

Devil’s Pass

(Seven the series)

Written by Sigmund Brouwer (Red Deer, AB)

Orca Book Publishers

for ages 12-14

“A setting in Canada’s Northwest Territories, a resourceful hero and a pair of very villainous villains make Brouwer’s contribution to the Seven series a distinguished one… Brouwer gives us both an unforgettable hero and an unshakable villain… The tension is real, the action gripping and every twist is earned. Couple this intensity with clean, crisp prose and this is a book with pages that don’t simply turn – they fly.”

The Lynching of Louie Sam

Written by Elizabeth Stewart (Vancouver, BC)

Annick Press

for ages 12 and up

“The Lynching of Louie Sam is unforgettable, a true gem… Stewart writes with confidence and literary flair… Based on the true story of the only lynching to occur on Canadian soil, it’s a heart wrenching tale from the first sentence to the last… In Stewart’s assured hands, the historical setting comes to life and the characters leap off the page.”

 Neil Flambé and the Tokyo Treasure

(The Neil Flambé Capers)

Written and illustrated by Kevin Sylvester (Toronto, ON)

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

for ages 8-13

“Filled to the brim with humour and wit, Neil Flambé and the Tokyo Treasure is a joy to read… Characters and location make reading the book an adventure, and the dramatic cooking battles keep the pace lively as the story develops … Sylvester’s prose is delicious and Flambé is a character who will never spoil.”

JURY MEMBERS: Sheila Koffman, owner of Another Story Bookshop and Vice President, Educational Library Booksellers of Ontario; Peggy Perdue, curator of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Toronto Public Library; Joel Sutherland, author of Be a Writing Superstar, Information Assistant, Ajax Public Library (MLIS, Aberystwyth University) and ‘The Barbarian Librarian’ on TV’s Wipeout Canada.

Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy ($5,000)

Sponsored by HarperCollins Canada

The Girl With Borrowed Wings

Written by Rinsai Rossetti (Al Ain, UAE)
Dial Books

for ages 14 and up

“Poetic, spellbinding, startling… With lyrical prose and exotic whimsy, Rossetti crafts an exquisite coming-of-age novel… The Girl with Borrowed Wings is most importantly a story about freedom. Flying to faraway and strange places with Sangris, Frenenqer Paje discovers the strength to challenge her father’s authority, to shape her own identity and destiny, and to love… Rossetti has crafted a fantasy of unusual power, insight and lyrical magic.”

Island of Doom: The Hunchback Assignments IV

Written by Arthur Slade (Saskatoon, SK)

HarperCollins Publishers

for ages 11-14

“Island of Doom is fast-paced, heartfelt, thoroughly enjoyable steampunk at its finest… Modo is one of the most endearing, substantial and compelling characters to be met with in young adult fiction, and here he learns the truth of his origins as he battles the diabolical Clockwork Guild yet again… Slade provides great adventure and clever surprises, but also a discerning and thoughtful story about finding and following your own path.”

Rebel Heart


Written by Moira Young (Bath, UK)

Doubleday Canada

for ages 14 and up

“Taut and edgy, fierce and gripping, Rebel Heart immerses the reader in a sere and dangerous post-apocalyptic future… Saba proves to be a heroine of depth and complexity as she takes her family west for a better life, deals with her reputation as the Angel of Death and confronts the Tonton and their leader DeMalo… Young’s prose is mesmerizing and bold, crafting an alluring world of hard people and hard choices.”


Written by Rachel Hartman (Vancouver, BC)

Doubleday Canada

for ages 14 and up

“In Seraphina, Hartman unfolds a dynamic and fully realized world that captivates and constantly surprises with its richness, intelligence and sensitivity… A vividly constructed fantasy novel, intricately woven plot and dragons that you want to cheer for… Hartman’s debut novel is the perfect blend of exquisite world building, finely crafted writing and deeply complex characters that one cannot help but adore. “

Shadows Cast by Stars

Written by Catherine Knutsson (Nanaimo, BC)

Atheneum Books for Young Readers

for ages 12 and up

“Knutsson skillfully weaves together science fiction and fantasy to tell an absorbing, powerful story of a people fighting to hold onto its identity and traditions in an uncertain, threatening world… A clever merging of sci-fi and fantasy, mingled with Native and Arthurian legends… Anchored by an inspirational heroine, Shadows Cast by Stars delivers an intense, perceptive tale about acceptance, responsibility and love.”

JURY MEMBERS: Deirdre Baker, writer, Toronto Star children’s book reviewer and Assistant Professor, Children’s Literature, University of Toronto; Melanie Fishbane, writer, reviewer, and Online Merchandiser & Editor for Kids and Teens, Indigo Books & Music; Michael Johnstone, Lecturer, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Department of English, University of Toronto.


TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award

The TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award was established in 2005 to honour the most distinguished book of the year for children aged one to 12. Entries are judged on the quality of the text and illustrations and the book’s overall contribution to literature. All books for children, in any genre, written by a Canadian, are eligible for the award. The winning book receives $30,000 and an additional $10,000 is divided amongst the honour books. The publisher of the winning book receives $2,500 for promotional purposes.

Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award

The Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award honours excellence in the illustrated picture book format, for children aged 3 to 8. Charles Baillie, retired Chairman and CEO of TD Bank Group, is delighted to give the prize in his wife Marilyn’s name. As an award-winning children’s book author and an early learning specialist, Marilyn is involved in and passionate about children’s literature. The winning book receives $20,000

Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction
The Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children’s Non-Fiction was established by the Fleck Family Foundation in 1999 to recognize Canada’s exceptional non-fiction books for young people. The award honours Norma Fleck (1906-1998), who inspired a deep love of reading in her children and grandchildren. Dr. James Fleck, who initiated the award, is the son of Norma Fleck. The winning book receives $10,000.

Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People

The Geoffrey Bilson Award was established in 1988 in memory of the respected historian and children’s author, Geoffrey Bilson. The $5,000 prize is awarded annually to the Canadian author of an outstanding work of historical fiction for young people. In 2005, the Bilson Endowment Fund was created to support this award. If you wish to contribute to this fund, please contact the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.

John Spray Mystery Award

The John Spray Mystery Award was established in 2011 to honour excellence in the mystery book genre. John Spray, President of the Mantis Investigation Agency, is delighted to sponsor the prize, noting that mystery books made him a passionate reader at an early age and helped him find his chosen career. The $5,000 prize is awarded annually to a Canadian author of an outstanding work of mystery writing for young people.

Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy

Established in 2011, the Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy honours excellence in the science fiction and fantasy genre. Sponsored by HarperCollins Canada, in memory of the late Monica Hughes, the $5,000 prize is awarded annually to a Canadian author of an outstanding work of speculative fiction for young people.

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