Editors’ Association of Canada answers many questions in updated edition of So You Want to Be an Editor

The Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC) has launched a revised edition of So You Want to Be an Editor, an informational booklet for those interested in a career in editing in the 21st century. The previous edition, published in 1991, has advised and assisted aspiring editors for the past two decades. Now updated to address the rapid evolution of the field, the revised So You Want to Be an Editor answers many of the questions asked by people considering editing as their career path.

This invaluable resource addresses why people choose careers in editing, the qualities and qualifications that make a successful editor, the various types of editing careers available, and the rewards and the drawbacks of a career in editing—all punctuated by insights and commentary from working Canadian editors.

“Many people work as editors in Canada,” says project manager Anita Jenkins, “yet the range and breadth of this career is not well understood. This booklet explains that editors have high skill levels and make important contributions, not only in book and magazine or newspaper publishing, but in almost every business and industry, as well as in educational institutions, government and not-for-profit organizations.”

Print copies of So You Want to Be an Editor will be distributed to schools and instructors across Canada, and at industry events. The booklet is also available as a free download from the EAC website, at www.editors.ca.

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