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LPG’s Canada Book Fund Support restored

Via Literary Press Group of Canada

The Literary Press Group of Canada has been given verbal notification that James Moore, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, has overturned the decision to end funding for its sales force, which serves 47 Canadian owned and controlled literary book publishers from seven provinces.

At this time we are awaiting more formal confirmation, but this is the news we needed to move forward and bring the 200 Canadian-authored books entrusted to us this fall to readers across the country.

We remain grateful for the support that the Department of Canadian Heritage has provided for this endeavour since 1992. This government’s commitment to the arts rings through best when everyday Canadians are prepared to step forward and demonstrate how much they mean.

We are grateful for the overwhelming public support we received from Canadian readers, writers, publishers, and industry colleagues. We look forward to
bringing you the best of Canadian literary writing for years to come.

Jack Illingworth
Executive Director

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