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In the new issue of Magazines Canada’s CANADIAN MAGAZINES CANADIENS, the magazine page is growing up, bringing in the bucks and coming to life with inspiring print solutions. Our Spring 2012 issue takes a global look at the innovations that drive today’s publishing business and inspire future growth.

Print solutions that grab and hold readers’ attention
These days, interactive print options abound for the magazine page. From paper-thin television to e-ink, the printed page is limited only by your imagination—or, more realistically, your budget. Our cover story looks at mind-blowing, splurge-worthy print solutions that will more than make up for their cost in impact.

Plus, this issue offers an exclusive look at three innovations in print:

  • Exploding page: a four-page insert that expands to almost twice its original size
  • Webkeys: customizable and trackable paper-based USB webkeys
  • The SnapperTM: a folded page that snaps out into a DPS on a cover or interior page. This issue of CANADIAN MAGAZINES CANADIENS marks the first use of this innovation on a magazine cover!

To bring the best print innovations to our readers, CANADIAN MAGAZINES CANADIENS partnered with designer and manufacturer Information Packaging, custom publisher Spafax and Dollco Integrated Print Solutions. Magazines Canada would like to express its great appreciation for the creativity and expertise of this team.

Show time: magazine events that bring in the bucks
Magazine events were once brand-building exercises and ad buy add-ons. Today, they make money too. Progress, Cottage Life and Vancouver magazines explain how their events have become significant revenue generators.

Women on top: two magazines that have grown up gracefully
We profile More and Best Health, both of which have managed to navigate rough economic waters (launching in a deep recession) to find success across platforms.

ALSO in this issue:

  • Beyond the paywall: we explore better means to monetize content
  • Profiles of home-grown successes Geez and Ryerson Review of Journalism
  • Interviews with magazine experts, including Venture Publishing’s Ruth Kelly, Judy Franks of The Marketing Democracy, Toronto Life‘s Maryam Sanati and art director Donna Braggins
  • Cross-Canada industry developments and regional campaigns that really work
  • The latest trends from the slowing U.S. spill to cloud computing to new online courses for publishers

Contributors include former Editor-in-Chief of Chatelaine Kim Pittaway, former Publisher of Canadian Business Deborah Rosser, award-winning designer Ingrid Paulson, as well as veteran writers Kevin Brooker, Linda Kay, Craille Maguire Gillies, Jim Sutherland and Lesley Young.

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