Access Copyright signs model licence with Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Via Access Copyright

Access Copyright and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) announced today that they have negotiated a model licence that will allow universities to reproduce copyright protected materials in both print and digital formats.

“We are pleased to have negotiated this licence with the AUCC,” said Maureen Cavan, Executive Director of Access Copyright. “The licence provides easy, legal access to copyright protected works for students, professors and staff, in a simple, fast and cost efficient manner.”

The model licence sees the AUCC and universities working with publishers and creators to ensure fair compensation for the works they are using.

“We believe that this negotiated agreement provides the best possible outcome for universities, their students and faculty,” said Paul Davidson, president of the AUCC. “It provides long-term certainty on price, and access to a new range of digital materials. Most importantly, the agreement respects the principles of academic freedom and privacy that are important to universities, and ensures that the administrative burden on institutions is minimized.”

The agreement strikes a balance between the needs of creators, publishers and the university community.

“Educational institutions and the publishing industry depend on one another,” said Greg Nordal, President, Nelson Canada and Access Copyright Board Member. “An agreement that provides for expanded usage of content and fair compensation to those that provide the content, with rules that favour sustainability, is in the interest of all stakeholders.”

The model licence will see universities pay Access Copyright a royalty of $26.00 per full-time equivalent student annually. This royalty includes what used to be a separate 10 cents per page royalty for coursepack copying, so there will no longer be a separate royalty for such copying.

This agreement will be in place until December 31, 2015 and will renew automatically for one-year terms during which any party can cancel or request to renegotiate the agreement.

Over the course of the next six months a survey methodology will be designed jointly to gather reliable bibliographic data and volume of usage trending data for the purposes of allowing Access Copyright to make fair distribution of royalties to its affiliates and to assist in establishing appropriate future licence rates. The survey will be designed to minimize the administrative burden on both parties, in particular academic staff and students, and will respect academic freedom, privacy and the obligations of universities under collective agreements with faculty and staff.


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