We are thrilled to announce this year’s Freedom to Read Champion, Dorothy Macnaughton.

Freedom to Read 2018 Champion of Free Expression

“Traditionally, when people talk about freedom to read, they talk about censorship: book burning, book banning and access to information that’s being intentionally kept from the public. But Dorothy Macnaughton has spent the last 20 years leading a different freedom-to-read fight: improving the availability of accessible reading material for more than three million Canadians who have a visual, physical or learning disability.”

You can read more about Dorothy’s fight for more accessible materials here.

Dorothy will be speaking on the AMI Sault Ste. Marie community report this Wednesday, February 28th just after the 10 a.m. news. She will be reporting on “Freedom to Read Week,” speaking about being chosen as the 2018 Champion and about the importance of freedom to read in different ways for people with print disabilities, how many libraries are now able to offer more services, materials and technology for people with print disabilities and also how we need to keep in mind the right we have in Canada to intellectual freedom.

Dorothy also reports weekly on news around Sault Ste. Marie and other accessibility related items on “Live From Studio 5: Weekdays at 9 a.m. ET: Community news and information from coast to coast and a daily look at technology, health and current affairs.”