Structure and Administration

Under the direction of the Board and the Executive, the Book and Periodical Council secretariat conducts the day to day administration of the Council.

Current Board Members

Michelle Arbuckle (Director, Member Engagement and Education, Ontario Library Association)

Sandy Crawley (Executive Director, National Reading Campaign)

Brianne DiAngelo (Communications Manager, Magazines Canada)

Annie Gibson (Publisher, Playwrights Canada)

Amanda Hopkins (Program Manager, Writers’ Trust of Canada)

Kieran Leblanc (Executive Director, Book Publishers Association of Alberta)

Marg Anne Morrison (Consultant, Morrison Publishing Management)

Anita Purcell (Executive Director, Canadian Authors Association)

Christen Thomas (Executive Director, Literary Press Group of Canada)

Heidi Waechtler (Executive Director, Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia)

John Yip-Chuck (Executive Director, Editors Canada)


Chair: Christen Thomas, Executive Director, Literary Press Group of Canada

Vice-Chair: Marg Anne Morrison, Morrison Publishing Management

Past Chair: Anita Purcell, Executive Director, Canadian Authors Association

Treasurer: Marg Anne Morrison, Morrison Publishing Management



Annie McClelland (Executive Director)

Dominique Bernier-Cormier (Program Coordinator)

Past Chairpersons

1975 William Roberts
Graeme Gibson
1976 Harry Campbell
1977 Tom McMillan
1978 Tom McMillan
1979 Campbell Hughes
1980 Campbell Hughes
1981 Campbell Hughes
1982 Françoise Hélbert
1983 Dorothy Bogdan
1984 Francess G. Halpenny
1985 Gladys E. Neale
1986 Gladys E. Neale
1987 Stephanie Hutcheson
1988 Geoffrey Dean
1989 James Taylor
1990 Harald Bohne
1991 Irene S. McGuire
1992 Irene S. McGuire
1993 Jack Shapiro
1994 Arden Ford
1995 June Callwood
1996 Richard Lee
1997 Genia Lorentowicz
1998 Warren Wilkins
1999 John Neale
2000-2002 Kim McArthur
2002-2003 Alison Gordon
2003-2004 Mike Collinge
2004-2005 Barry Grills
2005-2006 Barry Grills
2006-2007 Barry Grills
2007-2008 John Degen
2008-2009 Stephanie Fysh
2009-2010 Stephanie Fysh
2010-2011 Melissa Pitts
2011-2012 Melissa Pitts
2011-2012 Anita Purcell
2012-2013 Anita Purcell
2013-2014 Anita Purcell
2014-2015 Stephanie Fysh
2015-2016 Stephanie Fysh
2016-2017 Stephanie Fysh
2017-2018 Christen Thomas
2018-2019 Christen Thomas