Call for Nominations for the Canadian Authors Association’s Emerging Writer Award

Do you know any promising young writers? The Canadian Authors Association’s Emerging Writer Award goes to the Canadian writer or permanent resident under the age of 30 deemed to show the most promise in the field of literary creation. There are no restrictions as to the field and a winner may be chosen for work in a variety of forms. There is no entry fee for this nomination.

Nominations may be made through CAA branches, other writing organizations, agents, publishers, writing coaches and teachers at colleges, or university professors in charge of creative writing programs. (Please note that self-nominations are not accepted.)

Deadline: April 30, 2011

Prize: $500

For additional information, contact Anita Purcell, CAA Interim Executive Director, at 705 719 3926; toll free at 866 216 6222, email: [email protected]. Visit our website



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