Canadian Bookshelf Rebrands as The 49th Shelf

Canadian Bookshelf re-launched yesterday as The 49th Shelf, offering expanded features and book listings and naming as its lead sponsor for 2012.

Since its launch in June 2011, the website has steadily gained a following of book readers keen to discuss Canadian fiction and non-fiction, post recommended reading lists and discover new books among the 50,000 titles to be found on this uniquely Canadian book site.

The 49th Shelf features extensive listings of Canadian fiction, graphic novels, children’s books, and non-fiction in what they say is the largest public collection of Canadian books ever assembled. The site is edited by Kerry Clare, who presents a weekly selection of great reads and, together with host and producer Julie Wilson, publishes guest posts, book recommendations and interviews with notable Canadian authors such as Charlotte Gill, Elizabeth Hay, Lawrence Hill, Marina Endicott, Margaret MacMillan, Alison Pick, Kevin Chong and Michael Winter.

In its press release, Canadian Bookshelf notes that “’s sponsorship is a great complement to the important public-sector funding the book community website has received from the Ontario Media Development Corporation and the Department of Canadian Heritage.” Kerry Clare, The 49th Shelf’s editor, said of the project’s momentum: “It’s been exciting to see book fans discovering the site for themselves over the past few months, and we’re looking forward to providing them with still more ways to engage and to find books that they’ll love.”

Beth Bruder, Project Chair, commented: “If you consider how people discover books, the Internet has been a game-changer. The 49th Shelf is about recognizing this and using the web to help readers discover the vast array of Canadian books—there is literally something for every kind of reader on the site.”

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